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I did, I promised. But I’m really, REALLY not in the mood. The whole dog episode was just so emotionally exhausting, I don’t even want to deal with it anymore.

However, Lobsterface DID blog about it. And I gave him the pics I was going to post. So, if you really want the whole Wishy story, you can read it in two parts, here and here.

I’ll be back later with more house updates (we have done NOTHING on the house since we started puppy shopping) and wedding updates (I didn’t even tell you my dress hunting stories yet).

Here’s a picture of my cat hiding on the back of the couch because she was afraid of Wishy. She’s a pretty smart cat.



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First there was a corgi, and then there was no corgi. And then there was another corgi. And then he turned out to be venomous. As soon as I can get myself together for a few minutes I’ll tell you the whole story.

And there will be pictures!

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