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Watching The Vampire Diaries

Me: Damon reading a book while he’s driving. He hasn’t looked at the road even once in like five minutes.

Lobsterface: That’s ’cause he’s awesome.

Me: He’s awesome? Why is he awesome while he’s doing stuff like that, but when I try it, you freak right out and squeal like a little girl?

Lobsterface: Because he’s a vampire. And he’s on TV. And he’s not going to kill me. You’ll probably kill me.

Me: … I don’t consider that to be a valid argument.


Boy’s got a point, though.


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Just inside the front entryway that nobody actually uses because the doors don’t open or close with anything resembling cooperation,we have this fabulous, windy staircase full of stained glass windows.
Staircase 3

Staircase 2


It’s very messy in there. Or at least it was before we started redecorating it. Now it’s a different kind of messy.

We’re planning to take some wedding photos on the stairs with the pretty windows in the background, but the pot-leaf wallpaper that’s in there wasn’t really working for me. I’ve always wanted a really dark gray room, but none of my landlords have ever trusted my judgement on that. Lobsterface, on the other hand, has the same taste in dramatic decor that I do (most of the time), so off we trotted to Lowe’s for four cans of High Speed Steel. It’s a Valspar color, but we had it color-matched in Olympic No-VOC paint with an eggshell finish.

It’s DARK. I LOVE it.

But first things first.
I learned the hard way from our bathroom episode that one cannot peel dry wallpaper, nor can one just paint over peeling wallpaper and hope for the best. I heard from a friend who knows this kind of thing that some warm water and fabric softener in a spray bottle will make it peel right off like buttah. You know, if buttah peeled off of things.
Wallpaper Spray

So I started peeling, and as I peeled, I discovered way more than I ever wanted to know about our entryway walls. They’re in terrible shape. The plaster is cracked, and there’s a weird, rounded metal sheet that’s been stuck on to hide the house’s main drainage pipe, and the plaster around that is falling down all over the place. And there’s some elderly wallpaper there that just won’t come down.
Crumbling Plaster

We decided not to be heroes and just hire someone to come fix it for us, and I’m so glad we did. In contrast to most of the handymen we’ve had tromping through here, this guy was fabulous. He came when he said he would, did a great job, and finished on time. I’m hoping he learns plumbing, roofing and all manner of other trades so we can just hire him for whatever we need.

Look at how pretty!
Drywall 1

Drywall 2

Light fixture

Ok. It’s not pretty yet, but it will be! I’ve primed the downstairs (walls and ceiling) with Kilz General Purpose Interior Primer, but I’m not going to share photos of that, because primer is boring. Boring.

That brush, by the way, is the best home improvement tool I’ve found. It’s a short-handled, angled brush that’s just perfect for edging and painting trim. I’ve tried using those edging tools, but they’ve never worked well for me. Give me a good, short-handled, angled brush any day.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as our painting efforts progress. The ceilings actually inside the stairwell are like 20 feet tall, and we only have a little stepladder, so it’ll be interesting to see how we get the paint up there. I’m contemplating taping a paintbrush to a broom handle at the moment. Anyone have any ideas that don’t involve hiring someone to do our dirty work for us?

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This is Pixel’s favorite toy in all the land. She carries it around with her, brings it to us when she wants to play and sleeps with it snuggled in her arms.

It’s true love.

I think it looks like a dead monkey on a stick.

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Sunday Floof

It’s Sunday and I’m feeling lazy and blah, so here’s a video of Corgi puppies discovering grass. This needs to happen at my house. Every day, if possible. Have you ever seen anything rollier or polier than this? Seriously, have you? I didn’t think so.

Now that I think about it, Sundays really need an injection of floof (or squee). This may become a regular thing.

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Lobsterface: “Dear, your blog is in desperate need of updating.”
Me: “I know, but we haven’t done anything interesting on the house, we’re not finished painting the hall yet and I haven’t even cooked anything fun lately.”
Lobsterface: “Okay.” (goes back to watching Supernatural)

So here I am, to update all of my lovely reader(s) with the snippets of things that I’ve been doing.

I went shopping! At the moment, we’re using wooden TV trays instead of nightstands. TV trays don’t have drawers, so my contacts, my earrings and spectacles are all sitting out in the open to be smacked around by a particular kitten who sleeps all day and regards every waking minute that she’s not destroying personal property as time wasted. So I went shopping for some nightstands. I like the ones that have tall legs with drawers at the top better than the chunky, rectangular kind with cabinets or drawers all the way down. I found this one at Home Goods, but there was only one, and it was red.

I was really looking for one in a dark-stained wood to match the headboard that came with the bed that came with Lobsterface. I ended up ordering this one from Amazon (and using our Amazon Rewards points to pay for the whole thing! Woo!)

While I was at Home Goods/Marshall’s (they were all in one giant store), I found these loveiles on sale.

They were looking like they might be contenders in the Wedding Shoe Wars (I’ve tried three pairs so far. All duds.), and they were the only pair left in my size, so I snatched them and went dashing for the checkout line.

Alas, I tried them on with my gown, and they just don’t look right. My gown is this shimmery, very bright white tafeta, and the behind-the-lace fabric on these shoes is too warm and cream-colored to work. Drat. And they’re kind of too fancy for every-day wear, so it looks like they’re going back to the store. I’m sorry, girls. You’ll find a home soon.

Last week, my littlest sister, Molly, turned twenty-one. So this weekend Lobsterface and I went to visit her.

We ate sushi, went to a rodeo, and then ate burgers and wings. I’ll be running and not eating for weeks now.

While we were there, Molly’s landlady brought home a large box of 3-week-old kittens that someone had cruelly tossed over the side of a bank from their moving car. The poor nubbins were absolutely covered in fleas, so a group of us sat around on the porch de-fleaing the tiny kittens for an hour or so.

Kittens don’t like to be wet.
Wet Kitten

So we dried them. They didn’t really like that, either.

When they were all dry and fluffy and flealess, they had lunch.
Nom nom nom

I bonded with the one on the top left, with the white spot on her back. I was half tempted to bring her home with us, but I don’t think I’m ready to spend another $500 on a “free” kitten. Also, my established Grande Dame cat still isn’t speaking to me after I brought Pixel home.

Most of the kittens headed to a no-kill shelter nearby, but one of them found a new home with a lovely young lady who needed a roommate. So Molly and the kitten went on a road trip. She only let the kitten drive on back roads.

And in other kitten news, Pixel is recovering from surgery. She has recently been relieved of her lady equipment. I’m at a point in my life when I rather wish someone would relieve me of mine, so we’re commiserating. On the couch. With ice cream (so much for not eating).

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