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You may recall that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to acquire a corgi puppy that doesn’t have a vendetta against Thomas’ remaining fingers (he only has eight-and-a-half to begin with).

WELL! We got one! He’s not a puppy, exactly. He’ll be a year old next month. But he’s just the sweetest little corgi anybody ever met. And lots of people meet him, he’s very gregarious. I’m going to teach him how to tell knock-knock jokes.

Striking a pose

Please excuse my grainy photos. My house is dark and I have yet to purchase a decent flash.

Our original plan was to adopt a freshly-minted puppy from a nearby breeder sometime in the spring. There are lots of advantages to working with a reputable breeder, and lots of disadvantages to adopting a dog that you don’t know much about, but sometimes life just hands you a puppy. And when life hands you a puppy, it’s downright rude to hand it back.

A few Saturdays ago, I got a text from my sister saying that a friend of hers had a corgi that needed a new home. Apparently this friend was given this pup for free, but turned out to be HIGHLY allergic to him. So I gave this friend a call, kind of expecting to be subjected to an intense interview process, but our conversation basically consisted of,

Me: “So…is this dog bitey? Or is he generally in a bad mood all the time? Or any of the time?”
Him: “Oh no, he’ll lick you all over and then sit down and want you to scratch his belly for all eternity.”
Me: “Sweet! Sounds like the dog for us.”
Him: “Can you meet halfway between our houses tomorrow?
Me: “Um, sure!”
Him: “Great! See you then!”

He really is just as awesome as all that. He loves belly rubs and playing tug-the-rope above all other things (except peanut butter). He’s starting to understand “sit” and “stay.” He doesn’t love the car, but he’ll sit there and take it without much arguing. We took him to the vet last week and nobody there could stop talking about how great he was. He got a shot and had some blood drawn, all without complaining one little bit. He’s housebroken, only chews on cardboard (for the most part), and has made friends with Pixel already. We’re big fans.

more posing

Speaking of Pixel, she’s gotten SO fat. And ridiculous.




Anyway. We took Neville (that’s corg’s name, you see) to visit my parents’ farm last weekend.

happy dance

Boy loves snow, the deeper the better.


Unfortunately, anything deeper than six inches is too deep for his stumpy little legs.


But! He shall overcome.

he believes he can fly

And then he sniffed all the things.

must sniff ALL THE THINGS

And that is Neville. He’s not so great at “come” when he’s outside among many interesting smells and has zero concept of “cars” and what they can do to short little dogs, so he almost got squished in the road. At that point I tackled him and dragged him inside, and that was the end of the outside-without-a-leash fun.

Little shit.


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I’m constantly making resolutions, so New Year’s seems like a good time to compile all the things from the last year that I’ve thought to myself, “self, we should do this thing but we probably won’t because, let’s face it, we’re kind of lazy.” I picked twelve, because that’s how many moths there are (yes, I went to college. Be impressed.). But if the world ends in December, I’m only going to hold myself responsible for eleven of them.

And here we go!
1. wear more sparkles
Sparkly lips

2. finally make myself a damn website

3. learn to make pad thai
pad thai

4. run a 5k
running with donkeys

5. maybe a 10k

6. design wedding invitations for someone I don’t already know
kitty in a gown

7. wear that little black strapless dress that is now a size too small
black dress

8. be able to be able to breathe in it

9. acquire a corgi puppy (one that doesn’t have a vendetta against my husband) UPDATED! 
dat ass

10. invent a signature cocktail
fire booze

11. not get pregnant
Awkward pregnancy photo

12. not run over any hobos/hookers
not running over hobos

What about you, my lovelies? Have you resolved to be a better person this year? Have you resolved to be a worse person?

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