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I’m Not Going To Start A Garden

I think Lobsterface and I have decided to sell our house.

We’re not moving far, just out of the city where we’ll have a little more privacy and a little more yard for the beasts. Maybe I’ll start a garden.

I’m not going to start a garden.

But maybe I’ll raise some chickens! Lobsterface has no love for this idea, but look at how pretty!

Our original plan was to take a year to continue to fix up our current house so that a new owner could move in and just get down to living without having to do much in the way of renovating the place. But then I found a house that’s practically perfect in every way. At least, it looks practically perfect on the real estate agent’s website. We’re going to visit it tomorrow, which is when we’ll discover exactly how many dead bodies are buried on the property, and if they’ve been properly disposed of to prevent a zombie uprising. And also if there’s WIFI.

If there are no possible zombie issues, and if there’s decent WIFI, and if we can cajole the sellers into knocking #30,000 off the asking price, then we’ll have to do something about selling our current house in the state it’s in right now. That should be fun.


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