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Everyone has a blog.

Blog, blog, blog.

Not everyone who has a blog posts with any regularity.

I, apparently, am one of those. I’m not a born writer, and unless I have something awesome going on, I don’t normally feel like going through the effort of writing a blog post.

That being said, I DO have something awesome going on now. I’ll be shifting from full-time to part-time at my day job in a few weeks (or moths, it’s not exactly clear at the moment), and that is a very good thing. I’ve been exhausted and stressed out, and far too much of my workaday life has consisted of things that I don’t actually want to do, ever. Like talking to people, and going to parties where I’m expected to “network”. Ugh. Give me a darkened room and some design software any day.

In light of my upcoming increase in free time, I’m going to try to do more of what I truly love, which is designing personalized stationery. I’m revamping my Etsy shop and posting some invitations that I’ve come up with on my own, but what I really want to do is work with individuals to design stationery–be it wedding invitations, note cards, business correspondence, whatever–that’s unique to each person (or couple). My shop is very small at the moment, but I’ll be adding more to it!

I’ve been designing things since I was a little girl and my mom bought me a copy of Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble on CD ROM. Actually it might have been on actual floppy disks. It was that long ago. Just after I graduated from college, my friends Meg and Bob asked me to design the stationery for their wedding, and it was love. I don’t have the original files for those invitations anymore, or I’d post them here.

I DO, however, have these files (all names and specifics are fictional, of course).




Anyway, spread the word, I’ll be on the lookout for exciting new projects in the next couple of weeks!


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I’ve been making lots of house plans lately. I should be actually implementing those plans, but it’s far more fun to spend hours on Pinterest than it is to build bookshelves, in my humble opinion. We’re making progress on the library, but it’s far from finished, so I’m not posting pictures yet.

I’m working on a layout plan for our kitchen using MyDeco.com and dreaming of paint colors and cabinet styles on Pinterest (you can see my ideas here, if you care to) which is tons of fun, but we’re not going to be able to afford a total kitchen overhaul for another couple of years, so all I can do is dream right now. And try to cook in a way that doesn’t cause my oven to belch acrid smoke all over the house. It may be time to clean it.

A room that I CAN see redecorating in the near future, however, is my office. I’m beginning to ramp up my efforts to attract more clients to my baby graphic design business, so I just created an Etsy shop and a website, of sorts. The Etsy shop only has one item for sale at the moment, but when I can only design awesome stationery and compile images for my website at my ACTUAL office, after hours (thanks, boss!), things take a while to grow. But I have one client right now and nowhere to assemble her wedding invitations or print samples, so I’m feeling the need to get my office situated. You may recall the extremely pink room in which we put together the bathroom sink. It has pink wallpaper and pink shag carpet, under which lies black and green linoleum tiles. It is a special place, and one day it will be my office. Since it will be mine and Lobsterface won’t have to look at it on a daily basis, I get to do whatever I want with it. I toyed with the idea of painting it even brighter pink and stenciling a pink-and-orange paisley pattern on the floor just because I can. But, in reality, I need a space that I can feel calm and clear-headed and not want to leave every two minutes. I’ve been looking around for inspiration, and I’ve been finding TONS of ideas for really gorgeous offices, but nothing that felt like it was really me.

I’ve long struggled with the notion that I need to have a weird, quirky, off-the wall style because, among many of my social groups, I’m the “weird one”, the “artsy one”, or the “ooh, I bet AJ would LOVE this giant necklace made out of playdough and cat’s hair, she’s so creative” one. It turns out that my outer self is pretty low-key. My inner self sometimes wonders if one can get ghost cooties if a ghost comes along and uses one’s toothbrush and one doesn’t know it and then uses the toothbrush after the ghost, but my outer self doesn’t really give that away.

I wear a lot of black and gray, I settled down fairly early with a guy from–if not my actual home town–at least the same area code. I have a dog, some cats and a mortgage and I drive a sensible, fuel-efficient car. So while I like to fancy myself the type of  person who would love to have a taxidermied boar’s head mounted on my wall…oh who are we kidding? I would LOVE a taxidermied boar’s head mounted on my wall. But it would be in an office that looked just like this.

The moment I saw it (and couldn’t stop gazing at it), I knew this was the office for me. It’s from a Before and After post on Kirsten Nieman’s blog, Restored Style, which I just found and am definitely going to read, cover-to-cover. I need an L-shaped desk, which might end up being just two long tables set perpendicular to each other around a corner, but other than that, this is just perfect. I’m very much digging the arts-and-crafts vibe of this room. And I’m in love with that chair. And the rug. And the lamp. And the cat. And it even comes with awesome “A” shaped thingamabobs. I wonder if she would just pack the whole room up and ship it to me?

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Well! Apparently I’ve been nominated for the/a Versatile Blogger Award. I’m going to take that as a compliment, even though I don’t know if I’m “versatile” as much as I “have a short attention span” and “lack direction and/or purpose”. But anyway, thanks much to my dear friend Sassy Sass for the nomination!

And now for the Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy. (check!)

2. Include a link to his or her blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it. (check!)

3. Select 15 excellent blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
Let’s see. I’m not sure I can come up with 15, but I’ll do my best.
1. Made By Rachel – Rachel was one of my advisors in college, and I’ll probably always be trying to be as cool and creative as she is.
2. Best4Ever Family – Jennie is a fabulous woman and an inspiring mama to her 4 gorgeous adopted kids. Also, she’s hilarious.
3. Le Petit Oiseau – On crafting, thrifting and mama-ing
3. Thomas Galvin – Vampires, werewolves, weaponry, sarcasm and random crap he finds on the internet
4. Kaleidoscope Cardigans – Funny lady, and my go-to for all things Corgi.
5. Terrible Minds – Author Chuck Wendig shares his twisted, profane, hilarious thoughts with the world.
6. Eggton – Salty with and a sweet tooth. Also, a dog named Thunder. Who is awesome.
7. Brooklyn Limestone – A Brooklyn limestone in progress.
8. Already Pretty – Helping you recognize your own beauty, one post at a time
9. A Practical Wedding – I found this blog while I was planning my wedding, and I stick around for the amazing life (NOT just wedding) advice and incredible community of awesome, supportive women (and sometimes even men!).
10. Privilege – Lisa is the cool, wise, savvy aunt everyone should have. And the kind of cool, wise, savvy aunt I aspire to be.
11. Young House Love – 1 young family + 1 old house = love. My bathroom sink was inspired by these guys.
12. Twillypop – She makes jewelry, homeschools 3 kids, cooks incredible food, and manages to be gorgeous all the time. If I didn’t like her so much, I’d probably hate her.
13. Smitten Kitchen – Sometimes I just spend hours clicking the Surprise Me! button and hoarding the recipes I find.
14. The Bloggess – She’s completely nuts, in the best kind of way.
15. Design Sponge – All things DIY, creative and lovely.

4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
Some of these bloggers are way too famous to probably care that I’m giving them an award, but they can just suck it. I’m kidding, you’re all awesome.

5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
Here we go, I’m going to try to think of 7 things that Sassy Sass doesn’t already know about me. I’m an oversharer, so this is going to be a challenge.

  • The ONLY thing under my wedding gown on my wedding day was a pair of comfy gray undies, chosen because they stay put and don’t give me a wedgie.
  • I notice, and disapprove, when wine is served in the wrong kind of glass.
  • Switzerland’s landscape is so gorgeous it literally makes me cry in amazement.
  • I’m afraid of heights, the Adirondack mountains, clowns, cankles and big fuckoff spiders.
  • I know all the words to Pretty Fly For A White Guy by The Offspring.
  •  I hate kitten heels. I don’t resent other people wearing them, but they look stupid on me.
  • I’m not a fan of chick flicks, but my favorite movie of all time is You’ve Got Mail.

So there’s that! Go forth and spread the love 🙂

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I’m constantly making resolutions, so New Year’s seems like a good time to compile all the things from the last year that I’ve thought to myself, “self, we should do this thing but we probably won’t because, let’s face it, we’re kind of lazy.” I picked twelve, because that’s how many moths there are (yes, I went to college. Be impressed.). But if the world ends in December, I’m only going to hold myself responsible for eleven of them.

And here we go!
1. wear more sparkles
Sparkly lips

2. finally make myself a damn website

3. learn to make pad thai
pad thai

4. run a 5k
running with donkeys

5. maybe a 10k

6. design wedding invitations for someone I don’t already know
kitty in a gown

7. wear that little black strapless dress that is now a size too small
black dress

8. be able to be able to breathe in it

9. acquire a corgi puppy (one that doesn’t have a vendetta against my husband) UPDATED! 
dat ass

10. invent a signature cocktail
fire booze

11. not get pregnant
Awkward pregnancy photo

12. not run over any hobos/hookers
not running over hobos

What about you, my lovelies? Have you resolved to be a better person this year? Have you resolved to be a worse person?

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I just discovered The Graphics Fairy. I’m in love.

You should definitely spend your weekend there, being inspired.

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I never thought I’d stand up and cheer while watching the New York State channel.

It's a thrill a minute.

Last night, though, both Lobster and I were celebrating after the NYS Senate passed the bill enabling The Gays and The Lesbians to get married here. We’re both SO excited to get married in October, but at the same time we were a little bit sad that not all of our friends had that option in New York.

Instead of buying favors, we’re donating to a marriage equality organization (we’re not sure which one yet), but that really felt, to us, like a drop in the bucket. I know that this country still has a long way to go, in regard to equality for everyone, but I’m so excited that my home state finally recognizes and respects this basic right, regardless the couple’s gender(s). And I REALLY hope that I get invited to several gay weddings.

Invite me! I’m a fabulous wedding guest.

I do feel a little bit bad for Vermont, though. They’re going to loose a lot of business.

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Ye Olde Bacholor Pad

Before you go any farther, I must apologize for the wretched phone pics. My card reader is sitting helpfully on my desk at work. I promise to better in the future.

Until I met FF and was allowed into his Fortress of Solitude (I’m not kidding, I was the first visitor he’d had in like four years), I had no idea that a sprawling Victorian house could be turned into a bachelor pad. But it had. It’s not your average bachelor pad, mind you—it’s full of swords


and books

and curving staircases—


but a bachelor pad it is (until recently the only furniture he had was a broken futon, an office chair and a computer desk).

Apparently FF has been meaning for years to renovate, but never had the inclination or motivation to actually do it. But here I am (and my dad, and his dad, and John and Sherry from Young House Love, and Google) to save the day! And knock out that wall! And paint that baseboard! And sand that paneling!

I’ll stop now.

So that’s what you’ll see here, our renovation attempts, our horrible mistakes, our lofty triumphs and inspiration from people who are better at all of this than we are. I’ll probably share some maddening awesome wedding projects and a recipe or fifty. Because I like to brag about my cooking, not gonna lie.

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