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I never thought I’d stand up and cheer while watching the New York State channel.

It's a thrill a minute.

Last night, though, both Lobster and I were celebrating after the NYS Senate passed the bill enabling The Gays and The Lesbians to get married here. We’re both SO excited to get married in October, but at the same time we were a little bit sad that not all of our friends had that option in New York.

Instead of buying favors, we’re donating to a marriage equality organization (we’re not sure which one yet), but that really felt, to us, like a drop in the bucket. I know that this country still has a long way to go, in regard to equality for everyone, but I’m so excited that my home state finally recognizes and respects this basic right, regardless the couple’s gender(s). And I REALLY hope that I get invited to several gay weddings.

Invite me! I’m a fabulous wedding guest.

I do feel a little bit bad for Vermont, though. They’re going to loose a lot of business.


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