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Here are some pictures I took of my sister, Molly, so that she could send them to her fella who is away at war. I do my part here on the home front, let me tell you.

Molly has been my favorite model since I started taking photos. I think she was eleven years old at the time.

Look, isn’t she pretty?

Molly running around on a roof

Molly was into parkour before it was cool.


Hair all blowing in the wind


She was laughing at me trying to walk and take pictures at the same time.

Happy Again

I don't know what she was laughing at this time.

There. That is Molly. I love taking her picture because
a. she pretty much does what I tell her to do and
b. her face is wonderfully expressive, and that’s fun for me and
c. she’s amazingly self-confident, which would shine through in photos even if I were not as unreasonably talented as I am.


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