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I’m constantly making resolutions, so New Year’s seems like a good time to compile all the things from the last year that I’ve thought to myself, “self, we should do this thing but we probably won’t because, let’s face it, we’re kind of lazy.” I picked twelve, because that’s how many moths there are (yes, I went to college. Be impressed.). But if the world ends in December, I’m only going to hold myself responsible for eleven of them.

And here we go!
1. wear more sparkles
Sparkly lips

2. finally make myself a damn website

3. learn to make pad thai
pad thai

4. run a 5k
running with donkeys

5. maybe a 10k

6. design wedding invitations for someone I don’t already know
kitty in a gown

7. wear that little black strapless dress that is now a size too small
black dress

8. be able to be able to breathe in it

9. acquire a corgi puppy (one that doesn’t have a vendetta against my husband) UPDATED! 
dat ass

10. invent a signature cocktail
fire booze

11. not get pregnant
Awkward pregnancy photo

12. not run over any hobos/hookers
not running over hobos

What about you, my lovelies? Have you resolved to be a better person this year? Have you resolved to be a worse person?


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