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Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

This is one of my favorite days, sometimes I think the anticipation of Christmas is even better than the actual day. Also, Thomas proposed a year ago today. So yay for that too 🙂

Thomas claims to hate Christmas, but I came home from work one day to find him hanging candy canes on the tree. I didn’t even suggest it. Also, he’s the one who bought tiny, fuzzy-trimmed stockings for the cats.

The boy’s all talk.

Anyway, on to the festivities!

white owl

I love owls.

colorful owl

I like owls on crack, too.


Also, seahorses.

Now, this ornament has a story attached to it. I was homeschooled, so I didn’t really get a chance to go to dances or anything in high school. When I was at community college, I saw a bunch of posters advertising the SNO Ball and I got all excited. So I talked a couple of my friends into dressing up and going with me. We got all dolled up in borrowed bridesmaid dresses and prom gowns and set out for the “ball”. When we arrived, everyone there was clad in what I would call “formal business” attire. Like, nice suits and things. It turns out that SNO stood for Student Nursing Organization, which we didn’t actually figure out until they started handing out nursing text books for door prizes. We didn’t even KNOW anyone in the Nursing department. We fled as soon as we thought we could leave without being noticed. It was not a large party, you understand. We ended up at the movies in our finery. So, now you know that I’ve always been awesome.

I am awesome

I am awesome.


This was a wedding gift. It's the train station where we got married.



More sparkles

More sparkles!

from the stairs

Here's the whole tree, shot from between the slats of the railing at the top of our curvy stairs.

view from the living room

And here's the view from the living room couch.


Pixel is very helpful. Someone's got to hold down the tree skirt.


Also, I have a bowl of ornaments. Because.

And that’s how Christmas looks at Galvin Manor. How did you decorate this year?


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Weird Sex

I was going to make a “Thirty Before Thirty” kind of post, listing 30 things I want to do before I turn 30, but I’m having trouble developing any ambitions that don’t involve fitting into smaller jeans, so in the mean time, you get this list!

Don’t tell Thomas.

Not-Typically-Hot-Looking People I’d Totally Do if I Weren’t Married (in no particular order):
1. Thomas Hayden Church
2. Alan Rickman (or maybe I’d just make him read to me all night)
3. Kevin McKidd
4. Scott Patterson (or maybe I just mean Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. That sexy lumberjack look will get me every time.)
5. Colin Hanks (and his dad. Maybe at the same time. Nevermind, that would be awkward)
6. Tom Hanks
7. Michael Sheen (vampire, werewolf, I honestly don’t care)
8. Jack White
9. Meg White
10. David Wenham
11. Stephanie Courtney (Flo from the Progressive commercials)
12. Giovanni Ribisi

And now, so  I don’t come off as a complete slut,here’s a list of

Typically-Considered-Hot People I’d Never Do Even If I Weren’t Married And They Were Totally Into Me:
1. Patrick Dempsey
2. Brad Pitt
3. Ryan Gosling
4. Heidi Klum
5. Adam Levine
6. The Guy From The Ralph Lauren Commercials
8. Bradley Cooper
9. R Patz
10. Taylor Lautner
11. Jon Hamm (He scares me. Not in a good way.)
12. Paul Wesley
13: Matthew McConaughey

Comment time! Do you agree? Disagree? Who are your weird crushes that you wouldn’t ever tell anyone about except now that I’ve flown my freak flag you’re feeling brave?

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And we’re back! If you haven’t already, you should go read about the adventures leading up to our wedding.

And while I’m at it, you should read this post that Thomas wrote years ago, before he even knew I existed. Then you should compare and contrast his dream wedding with our actual wedding. Like you’re in eighth grade. I always hated those questions on tests. “Compare and contrast The Three Little Pigs and Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Compare and contrast A Tale of Two Cities and Season One of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” So pointless. But I’d totally read that essay. The one about vampires, not pigs.

Sorry. I’m on a lot of cold medicine.

So. When last we met, we were just about to head into Union Station to get married. First, I must rhapsodize about Union Station in downtown Utica, NY.

Utica is not an awesome place to live.

I live here because my family is here and Thomas and I both have great jobs that we love can tolerate without crying too much. It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer and despite being home to several colleges and universities, the art scene here is a bit lacking. But we do have some decent architecture (and rather fantastic Italian food). Union Station was built in 1914 and it’s gorgeous. The whole interior is white marble and sparkly lights. It’s totally out of place among the burned-out former factories that surround it. Virtually every couple that gets married in or around Utica has photos taken there (there were three weddings there when we had our first meeting with our photographers), but I’d never heard of an actual wedding inside the train station. We decided to hold it there because neither of us really wanted it to be in a church, it was free, it’s roaring-twenties awesome, and our reception hall was actually inside the train station to begin with. So yay.

Before the wedding started we were all hanging out in this random lobby sort of area on the 2nd floor of the station. I was spying on our guests as they filtered in.



That was a huge waste of time. It was way too early in the evening for people to be picking fights. We should have started handing out alcohol much earlier than we did.

We were done with the formal photo shoot and upstairs before most of the guests started arriving, so we had some time to kill.

Kate on Kate

Me, Beth and a little Kate-on-Kate action. Also, boobs.


Molly and her Sailor Boy

After a lot of mother-corralling, bouquet-finding, vow-reviewing and line-assembling, it was time to march down the really long aisle. I was freaking out about my Merry Maids walking too slowly and the short processional piece running out before my dad and I made it to the end. This is me encouraging them to step smartly.


My dad was going, "I'm so proud of her..." to random passers-by.

Speaking of random passers-by, we didn’t reserve the train station in any way, shape or form, so trains were still coming in and going out the whole time we were weddinging. People were still milling about with luggage and harried expressions on their faces. It was fine with us, really. Part of the charm of the place is that it’s not just a showpiece, it actually is a working train station. We even had to wait until after the DMV closed to set up the chairs and stuff for the ceremony.

I think, in this picture, my dad is trying to hold my fingers down so that I’d stop flipping off my wedding party. I reminded him that I had a whole other hand. Jeez Dad, basic anatomy.

Can't keep me down

Dad should know better than to try to control my behavior by now.

And then we were off!



If you did what I told you and read Thomas’ account of his dream wedding, you’ll expect there to be some sort of power ballad involved. There was not, but our incredible, adolescent cellists (they were all literally fourteen years old) learned Enter Sandman by Metallica for the Groom and Groomspeople’s processional.

I’m so jealous, when I was fourteen the most ambitious thing I was doing was experimenting with sparkly blue eyeshadow.

But I rocked the sparkly blue eyeshadow.


Very dramatic right now.

After all that prodding, my Merry Maids veritably sprinted down the aisle, so my dad and I got there a little bit too early.

You spin me right round

So we started dancing around to the rest of Cello Suite 1.

Weepy already

Weepy already.

heavy ring

Thomas' ring is ridiculously heavy.I'm glad I didn't drop it, it might have dented the floor.

Thomas and I both have Irish blood in our veins, so we chose to have a Highland handfasting ceremony. We didn’t observe many traditions (I had nothing blue or old, we didn’t read 1st Corinthians, we didn’t have a bouquet or garter toss, we didn’t even have a wedding cake), but this tradition is one that I’d always wanted to incorporate into my wedding, so incorporate it we did.


Fastin' our hands. Very amusing.


I'm not sure what was distracting Thomas and Josh here.



Friends of ours in the audience later told us that we kissed for an unbelievable amount of time. I believe them.





up for air

Coming up for air...


Thomas tried to dip me. It didn't go so well.


And then we were married!

We marched back down the aisle to the train-boarding region where we had started. There was much loud rejoicing while my dad was trying to say grace before dinner and tell everyone that they weren’t supposed to wait for us to finish taking family photos before they started eating, drinking and generally making fools of themselves.


Lucky Kate got paired up with sexy groomsmaid, Amber.



More hugs!

More hugs!

Gratuitous flower

A gratuitous flowers-and-tattoos picture.

Boob grab

There are a TON of photos of me grabbing my own boobs. I'm only showing you one. Sorry. Not really.

As part of my family’s Welcome-Thomas-Into-The-Madness efforts, they officially invited him to our very own made-up holiday that was invented just so that we have an excuse to spend more time together than we already do, Be Nice To Cousins Day. Seriously, they made him an invitation on notebook paper and everything.


We're exactly as crazy as we look.

Thomas’ family was just as welcoming to me, though. I must say.


It's nice to be close to one's inlaws.

Also, Thomas’ dad proves untrue the statement, “No man is an island.”

Pretty mama

This is my mama. Isn't she pretty?

And then we were on to the eating, the drinking and the merrymaking. It was all way too much fun. I need to throw another wedding just for the party afterward. Anyone want to donate to the cause? You can come dance with us!

Old Time Rock and Roll

I believe this was Old Time Rock and Roll.

Wiswell thing

This is a Wiswell thing.

Ten years ago

It started about ten years ago.

The story

The story involves candy canes, Christmas, getting locked out and a complete lack of access to cable TV.


And old Shania Twain CDs.

no idea

I have no idea what's happening here. I'm sure it involves the open bar.

This too.

This too.

Cotton Eye Joe

I know this one was taken during Cotten Eye Joe. It's one of my very favorite photos from the whole day.


Or maybe this one's my favorite. Do I have to choose just one?

This is another possibility.

This is another possibility. I'm pretty sure they snuck off to do this during Cotton Eye Joe.

As much as I wanted to keep going all night long, I started to lose focus after a while. At one point, our photographers absconded with our rings.


I forgive them.

We had two competing cake toppers, but no cake. One was an heirloom piece given to me by my grandmother.

bride and groom


And the other is a modified Christmas ornament that Thomas bought as a memento of how he proposed to me. His exact words were, “I spend a lot of time pretending to be a beast, but you make me feel like a prince.”

Belle and Beast


You can even see the part of Beast’s head where we ripped out the little ornament hooky thing and forgot to buy paint to touch up his injury.

Anyway, we didn’t have a cake, just a dessert display, so we put out both toppers and they didn’t even have to fight. Which would have been awesome. Belle totally would have taken that dude in the bowtie. I just took some more cold medicine.


This is me contemplating how to get Thomas back to our hotel room. Winkwink, nudgenudge.

I didn’t change my name after our wedding, and I don’t intend to. All of my friends LOVE this, for some reason. We now get cards (and cars, apparently) addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Wiswell.

Dollar store lipstick

Dollar store lipstick takes FOREVER to get off car windows. Just so you know.

so last year

Tin cans and inflated condoms are so 2010.

Before the wedding, I was obsessing over the artsy-fartsy, pre-ceremony, posed photography. I wanted it to be edgy, but not too snide and self-righteously offbeat just for the sake of being offbeat. You know (You probably don’t know. Nobody else things like this. Or at least I hope not.)? I cared DEEPLY about all of those photos, and I still really do. I absolutely LOVE the way that Chris and Lauren took my initial vision and ran with it. They were absolutely amazing.

But I’m IN love with the pictures from the reception. Really really in love. Every time I look at them I remember the joy and love given to me by the friends and family that are such an integral part of who I am. I just stare at the pictures with this big, stupid grin on my face. I’m insanely happy with the way that our wedding came out and so incredibly grateful to everyone who came together to support us, not just on our wedding day, but through our whole lives as individuals and as a couple.

Thanks, everybody. I love you all 😀

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